365 days of (indie) music.

Here’s a cover me and a friend of mine made of one of my favourite songs. Candles by Daughter.

"Black Sea, the monster killed the melody you loved."

Been listening to this one for weeks, non stop. One of my favourite artists for almost three years now. Ben Howard, you are legend(ary).

P.S.: I love you.

"Carried by the words that you learned when you woke up."

- Hey Rosetta

“Sun slips through my cold hands.”

- Lucy Rose

"Dancing in the moonlight,
it’s caught me in the spotlight.”

Seriously, this cover is amazing.

"We let the night get away to somewhere better than here."

- We The Committee

"Let’s just pretend it’s summer."

- I Heart Sharks

"And then I took all your words,
and I ate them by the fire.”

- Sóley

"Well I made your funeral speech in my head,
Even though you’re not quite dead.
Now I thought of how I’d have done things differently.

And you know what, I’d do it all over again.”

- Tom Rosenthal